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Day 1: Our Hope in Christ – Notre espérance, c’est le Christ

posted May 4, 2020, 4:17 AM by Jody Prevost OCSB

Monday, May 4, 2020.

Day 1:  Our Hope in Christ  –  Notre espérance, c’est le Christ

Christ in you, the hope of glory. – Colossians 1:27

Today we celebrate our hope in Christ.

Hope is our trust that God offers the kingdom of Heaven and eternal life as

our happiness. Hope is the confidence that God will always be with us, make us happy 

now, and help us to live, so that we will be joyful with God forever. Hope keeps us from 

becoming discouraged and sustains us during difficult times. God’s almighty power, 

infinite goodness, and faithfulness to his promises are the pillars of our hope.

As a Catholic community, we are called to “Ignite Hope” in our community. Today we are inviting you to share a message of HOPE FOR THE ONES WE LOVE.

How do I do this?

  • Write a message of hope

  • Draw a picture

  • Find a symbol or object from nature

  • Witness an act of kindness in your community

Capture by video or photo and send that hope-filled message to your family and those you love!  

Be sure to share your message using the hashtag #ocsbHope

Catholic Education Week Prayer:                             

You sent your son, Jesus, to be our hope.  

We feel his promised spirit at work within us.

We recognize his risen presence among us as we gather 

in his name in prayer, and celebrate the Eucharist.  

He is the hope which inspires us to share as members 

of the Catholic educational community, in your Church’s 

mission to announce the Good News to the whole world.  

We thank you for the gift of Catholic education.

May it continue to be a place where Christ ignites within us, 

an abiding confidence, in a future filled with hope.  

We make this prayer through the same Christ, our Lord.  Amen.