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Healthy Smiles Ontario and School Dental Screening Information

posted Oct 1, 2014, 7:06 AM by St. Cecilia School

Good news!

The Healthy Smiles Ontario Program income eligibility limits changed on July 1.  This means that more students might now be eligible for this FREE dental program. You will find attached a handout that explains the eligibility requirements and documentation needed to enroll the children in this program.


This month’s dental factsheet is called:  Dental Screenings – Why They Make a Difference

The factsheet explains the importance of dental screenings.  Every year, many students miss school because of dental problems.  The good news is Public Health dental hygienists screen close to 30,000 children in 222 primary schools.  They look for those in need of dental care and help families get the care they need.  The dental screening done at school DOES NOT replace regular check-ups at the dentist. Children can develop dental problems that parents may not know about.  If your child missed the dental screening at school and would like to be screened, visitwww.ottawa.ca/dental to view the calendar for community dental screenings.  These community dental screenings are FREE and are open to children, youth, adults and seniors. 


For more information, call Ottawa Public Health at 613-580-6744.

Healthy Smiles Ontario

Dental Screening

St. Cecilia Dental Screening for JK, SK and Grade 2 is scheduled for April 9th and April 10th.