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Principal Andrea Green featured in MindShare Moment

posted Mar 10, 2016, 7:06 AM by deanna.pinsent@ocsb.ca

OCSB Principal Andrea Green was recently featured in the MindShare Learning Report's Top 10 News Stories, a national learning and technology eMagazine. In the report she was given the opportunity to speak about the Board's vision that technology is not just a tool in the classroom, but a way to access curriculum for deeper learning. Green notes that although each school site within the Ottawa Catholic School Board may be designed differently, the philosophy and strategy of technology and 21st century learning is rolled out across the district.

Her school, St. Cecilia, is designed with that vision for deeper learning in mind. There is a school wide focus on collaboration at St. Cecilia, where even the design of the school itself lends to collaboration. The classrooms are open to pod areas, where students can collaborate in small groups. Green explains that the students are taught how to collaborate with each other, and accept each other's ideas and opinions. She says that the students are responding really well because they are engaged in their learning. Once students are taught the expectations of collaboration and give it a try, they learn to articulate themselves on what it should actually look like, sound like and feel like, to truly collaborate.

Green says the teacher's role in the classroom has shifted with students do more of the talking and explaining. When students persevere through tough tasks, collaborate with each other, add to classmates ideas, and share their knowledge, these strategies help and add to their character development. Green says that the backing and support from OCSB has been tremendous and the board level support has given her the opportunity to lead her staff and bring this vision of technology as an accelerator of learning to life. Listen to Andrea Green's full MindShare moment.