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STEM Summer Camp Opportunity

posted Mar 12, 2020, 12:04 PM by Kathryn McCallum
Our camp, She’s Fly!, is an aerospace engineering camp run out of Carleton University specifically designed to get more young girls interested in space technologies and aviation. Changing perceptions and fostering interest in engineering and innovation among young women is a priority for our team. We know that engaging girls at a young age and before post-secondary school is critical to achieving success in this area. Our camp promotes character-building skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking and teamwork, as well as improving girls’ confidence. Girls will get to learn about aerospace while having fun in the outdoors with their friends, learning to fly drones and exploring life outside of Earth.

We recognize many young girls never even consider STEM to be a possibility for them and for some that do, they lack the funds necessary to follow their passions. For these reasons, we have bursaries available to girls who may lack the means to attend our camp. The bursaries are given out based on financial need and would allow girls to attend one week of the camp free of charge. Our camps are available for girls in grades 3-11, and the bursaries are available to any camper, regardless of age. We would like to reach as many girls as possible, especially those with no previous exposure to STEM fields. Please see attached poster for our camp.