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Vote for the New Half Moon Bay Catholic School Name

posted May 9, 2016, 2:56 PM by Shelly Lyonnais

Final Vote on Name for New Half Moon Bay Catholic School

Families in the community are encouraged to vote for one of the following proposed names for the new Half Moon Bay Catholic School. Information about each proposed name can be found below.

The top 3 choices from the community will be submitted to the Board of Trustees who will then select the new name at a Board meeting later this spring.

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    Choose one of the following proposed names *
    •  St. Marie of the Incarnation
    •  St. Agatha
    •  St. Benedict
    •  St. Martha
    •  St. Matthias

    Information about each of the proposed school names:

    Marie of the Incarnation Marie of the Incarnation (28 October 1599 – 30 April 1672). After her husband had died, she joined an Ursuline monastery in France. As part of a group of nuns, she was sent to Canada to establish the Ursuline Order. Marie was crucial in the spread of Catholicism in New France. She has been credited with founding the first girls’ school in the New World. She educated young girls (settlers and First Nations) to become good Christians. Her commitment as an educator helped her learn the native language, write dictionaries for her students, and write an autobiography. To recognize Marie`s dedication to her faith and her contribution towards the growth of the Catholic church a statue of her was put in front of the Quebec Parliament. She was canonized by Pope Francis in 2014. Feast Day: April 30 St. Agatha St. Agatha was born in Sicily, Italy in 231 AD and was martyred in 251 AD. The Roman magistrate Quintianus persecuted her for her Christian faith. Quintian sent her to prison. When she continued to profess her faith in Jesus, Quintian had her tortured. He refused her any medical care. God gave her all the care she needed in the form of a vision of St. Peter. After saying a final prayer, Agatha died. A year after her death Catania was in peril from an eruption on Mount Etna. People fled in terror to the saint's grave. Her veil was taken and held against the onrushing flames, and suddenly the danger ceased. Patroness of breast cancer patients and martyrs. Feast day February 5 St. Benedict St. Benedict lived between 480 and 543 A.D. in central Italy. After studying in Rome and being discouraged by War and and loss of morality, he left to spend several years in a cave high in the mountains. When word of his holiness spread, others joined him, requesting that he lead them. Benedict had the idea of gathering various families of monks into one grand Monastery. This had never been done before. He began to build what was to become one of the most famous monasteries in the world, Monte Cassino. The rule of this community was based on the life of liturgical prayer, study, manual labor, and living together under a common head known as the Abbot, or father. Emphasis was placed on moderation in all things, hospitality for travelers, and concern for neighbors living in the countryside surrounding the monastery. Benedict died in 543 and was later canonized by Pope Honorious III in 1220. Feast Day: July 11 Patron Saint of students and Europe. St. Martha Martha lived with her sister Mary and brother Lazarus in Bethany (village near Jerusalem). They were very close with Jesus and often had him as a guest in their home. Martha was known for her having a strong personality and being very devoted to Jesus. She often was the one who prepared the meals for Jesus and his followers when at her house. St. Martha cherished her time listening to Jesus and encourages to us to be in communion with Christ through reading the Gospel, prayer and communion with others and nature. Feast day: July 29 Patroness of butlers and cooks. St. Matthias St. Matthias was born in the 1st century AD in Judaea. He was a follower of Jesus that was witness to his baptism, crucifixion, and his resurrection. He was chosen to replace Judas as the twelfth apostle. It has been thought that Matthias courageously preached the Gospel in Judea, then in Aethiopia (modern-day Georgia). He was later put to death for his devotion to his Christian faith. Feast Day: February 24 Patron Saint of Carpenters and Tailors.

    Thank you for taking the time to vote!

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