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Welcome Back - Sunday Sept 6, 2020

posted Sep 6, 2020, 2:18 PM by Kathryn McCallum

Dear Parents/Guardians:

As we get ready to start our 2020-2021 school year, we felt one last letter home was required. To begin, we would like to thank you again for your patience. I know many of you have had numerous questions and have emailed the school. We have been working hard to get those answers to you. We want you to have the most up to date information for our start on Tuesday with the K-3 students and Wednesday for the 4-6 students.  

We would ask parents to review the following details carefully:

  1. Please write a note and send it with your child stating how they will be getting home and with whom. For example, if they are walkers, send a note stating your child will be walking home and leaving from the front gate or the back gate (Minto parking lot). If they are meeting a sibling please include that information. We would ask that you send one note with each child. We want to make sure our process goes as smoothly as possible. 
    If your child is being picked up, please write a note stating you will be picking them up. If you are walking to school to meet your child, please indicate that in the note and state if you will meet them at the front gate or at the back gate. If you are driving to pick up your child, we would ask you to park in the back Minto parking lot and wait on the other side of the fence where the back gate exits. 


  1. Start of day procedure -  

Kindergarten - Our kinder students will enter the school from the kindergarten door near the kiss and ride lane.  There will be teachers there guiding them into the school and to their classrooms. The kinders will use this as their entry door for the first week of school. After the first week, they will use the kinder gate to come into the schoolyard and the usual kinder entry door. If a sibling is walking a kinder to school after week one, they will bring them in by their usual gate and then bring them to the kinder doors before going to their own door. If a sibling will be walking a kindergarten student to school week one, please let the teacher know so we can make arrangements to meet the child. 

Grades 1-3 on Day 1 (TUESDAY) -  Parents will not be able to join their son or daughter on the yard. If you are walking to school and using the front gate, please send your son or daughter through the front gate and into the backyard (there will be a teacher there on the side to make sure they head the right way). They should continue to the backyard where the grass is. Students whose parents are driving them to school should use the back Minto parking lot, park their car and walk their child to the backgate. There will be a teacher there greeting them.  

Each grade level has been given a colour to wear:  

Kindergarten - your colour is  red 

Grade 1 - your colour is orange

Grade 2 - your colour is purple

Grade 3 - your colour is blue

There will be one teacher per grade in the backyard (on the grass) with a coloured sign to indicate where your child should go. For example, the grade threes will look for the blue sign and gather in that area. We would ask that you remind your child again about social distancing. They should be able to put their arms in front of themselves or the side and not be close to another person. We are meeting outside in order to make sure we have enough space. Teachers will gather their class and bring them to the door they will be entering. Beginning on Wednesday, the children in grades K-3 will enter the school when they arrive, therefore we ask that you not drop them off too early. A teacher will be ready to greet them at the classroom door by 9:00 am.  

Grades 4-6 on Day 1 (WEDNESDAY) - Students in grades 4-6 will follow the above procedures on Wednesday morning. 

Grade 4 - your colour is yellow

Grade 5 - your colour is green

Grade 6 - your colour is white

As of Thursday, all students will enter the school as soon as they arrive on the yard, and will head straight to class. This will alleviate a rush of students trying to get to the door.  

  1. Dismissal on Day 1 -  Parents will be asked to wait outside of the school if they are picking up their child from the front gate. Parents will also be asked to wait outside the gate if they are picking up from the back gate (Minto parking lot). Teachers will be on duty in both locations. Classes will exit the school and students going to the front will exit from the front gate and students going to the back gate will go there with their teacher. The classes will be distanced from each other and students will watch for their parent. Once a parent has been seen, the student will be dismissed from the gate. Please understand that this process may take a little longer than usual but we want to be sure the children are safe and are released safely.  If you want an older sibling to meet a younger sibling to walk home together, please include that in your note for the first day of school. We will touch base with the students and help them find a meeting spot that will make finding each other easier.  

Please talk to your children about the start of school and how different it is going to look. We want you all to know that we are very excited to have the children back at school and will do everything possible to make it the most positive experience they can have. Have a discussion about what social distancing at the school will look like. What they should do with their mask if they are not using it, what they should do if someone asks to see their mask or try it on. Teachers will be reviewing the expectations for recess - exiting the school and entering the school when the bell rings.  

There will be no yellow school buses running until September 14th, 2020. As well, EDP at the school will not begin until September 14th. This means that all the children coming to school will be walking or be driven. We would ask that you be extra vigilant when coming close to the school area. The children will be excited and may not be paying close attention to their surroundings. Parking further away from the school and walking to the gate is recommended. 

It has been six months since we have done school the way we know it. It is going to be a start that we won’t soon forget.  Looking forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday and Wednesday. It will be great!


Jody Prevost